My kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen!
Probably you think, like me, that food is not just something you use to quickly refuel energy. Food is life!
The better food, the more enjoyable life. To make excursions among the kitchen’s ingredients and create delights of the table is something that I and my dedicated people will never will be tired of. If this happens, I promise to immediately turn down the sign of this restaurant. Restaurant, anyway. According to the dictionary, a restaurant is a place where you prepare and serve food in return for payment. Compared to that definition, we are more like an ordinary Swedish cuisine, a vibrant place to hang out, feel good and eat well. Against payment of course, but on the other hand, we can promise you an experience a few miles above the ordinary.
The menu features modern Scandinavian and regional cooking. The vines are combined well and carefully selected to the food. There is so much one can do based on our Swedish seasonal products – Go Sweden Go!
Very welcome!
Hakan Thörnström

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