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Food is life, the better food, the tastier life // Thörnströms

The better food, the more enjoyable life.

The menu features modern Scandinavian and regional cooking. The vines are combined well and carefully selected to the food.
There is so much one can do based on our Swedish seasonal products


Welcome for dinner!

Chef´s bar


Everything can happen in our chef´s bar. Social media keeps you updated. This is the place when you want to get in for a meal or a drink and enjoy to sit in the bar.


Food + talk

Cookery class

Get together and cook along!

Goose dinner

Nov 9-11

A very Swedish traditional menu will be served at Thörnströms Kök – Goose dinner. Håkan has cooked this menu for 20 years. You can also order goose menu for catering.

Goose menu

Goose menu for catering